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Friday, October 19, 2012

The Election is a Culture War

You think this is an election then guess again. This is the epitome of a culture war that has been raging for the last decade if not the last fifty years. Ever since the "bearded bums" took over college campuses and the WWII generation was shocked that their kids were now having sit ins love ins concerts burning flags and occupying the administration buildings on campuses. Worse than that they just didn't seem to care about any of the core "moral majority" values  or the "silent moral majority" to use Nixons words after the  Democratic convention in 1968. And you think that was such a long time ago...was it?

"That monkey didn't answer any of the questions. He lied!"2012 Strarbucks in  Chicago. A man almost screaming and calling the President of the United States a monkey. Racism yes, but the vitriol goes way beyond issues of even racism. He hates the President. He hates what he stands for. He hates the "idea" of the President.  A  progressive educated charismatic black man sitting at the top of the pyramid. And then you connect the dots between the people in the rural areas who believe that the Republicans are their only hope. People who are the bottom of the socio economic totem pole yet they believe that millionaires and billionaires are for them.

Something else is at play here. The same issues that made people hate and love Sarah Palin. A river under the surface of our national discourse that feeds our definition or our vision of what America is and will be.  The culture war then is for nothing less than national identity. Will we be a multicultural polymorphic people of many stripes and colors with a  broad based middle class with a paternalistic government that keeps the one percent from crushing everyone else or will we be that old America of the last century without the social mobility that left us with the memory of those June and Ward years but none of the opportunity.

Because the world is global. And the 1950s motif so stapled to the Republican/Romney view of the world is a bootstrap philosophy. You either do it yourself or you don't do it. And in there is the canard of the 47percent charge that people are looking for the handouts and this is what energizes the other side in the culture war. They believe that people are looking for something for nothing and that if Obama and company get in they will give it to them. This then is the war that rages beneath our politics.

The people who have it and the people who want to take. Who will win?

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