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Monday, October 15, 2012

The Economy is Getting Better

 7.8 percent unemployed may be a small click but there is something else going on here and it is visceral. The economy is getting better. I have been a skeptic for a long time but it is becoming evident that the slow creaking wagon of our struggling American economy is slowing making its way back to the land of the living. And how do I know this? I opened a savings account that's how.

I have had no savings for some time but there has been a steady increase in income. My wife and I are 1099 employees (royalties, teaching, advertising) and so we depend on a lot of freelance work. It has been steadily increasing and that means that the companies that are supplying the work are getting busier. And more than that my friends are busier. Architects, salesman, accountants, film editors for companies.They all say the same thing, they are busier and things are picking up.

And more than all that you can feel it in the air. The boom and bust cycle is making another revolution and while it is not a boom it is certainly moving away from the bust. Housing continues to drag but the foreclosures are making their way through and houses are beginning to sell. There are still fourteen million people looking for jobs with only four and half million jobs available. I fear we will find ourselves with a large group of the permanent unemployed and that might be our new normal.

But the reason the Republicans fear this number is that it is the dirty secret nobody in the GOP wants to admit. Like it or not the country is heading in the right direction economically and even with GOP obstruction it will continue which brings up a thought even more repugnant to Romney/Ryan they are loathe to admit except among themselves.

Why fix it if it aint broke?

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