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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Romneys Pinocchio Moment

There were many Pinocchio moments for the candidate who would be king by saying anything that fits the latest poll. Undecideds whispered in his ear all night long. Obama. Obama. Just agree with him and we will vote for you. And so we saw the spectre of a man who became the other. Obama morphed into two men and became a hulking white Mormon who believed in the policy of sanctions on Iran and leaving Afghanistan on the fourteenth and just about everything else the President had set out out his foreign policy objectives. In a brilliant round about, Romney became Obama in the field of foreign policy.

And so Romney trolled along and his nose began to grow. He would keep sancticions in place and yes it was good to Kill Osama and by the way I really didn't want Detroit to go bankrupt  because I am a car man and my dad was a car man. And so it went and Obama became more exasperated as he found himself facing a mirror as Romney rolled from right to center and then left of center until he became Gandhi who just wanted a peaceful planet. And the pundits scratched their heads and really couldn't believe that Paul Ryan had just been thrown under the bus for championing positions that didn't exist anymore

And after Obama told him there were no horses and bayonets anymore in the army Pinocchio doubled down and swung back around to Detroit again and there came his Pinocchio moment. It was as Romney sweated mightily as polygraph victims will and he faced the camera and scoffed and said."it is absurd to think I wanted Detroit to go bankrupt and I would sell off the companies." And there it was. From then on you just knew that Romney would let Detroit go bankrupt and sell off the companies because that is what he does. And it is interesting the President did not jump on him but we saw then the entire nose break off and fall to the ground.

And the puppet that was Obama....collapsed.

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