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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Romney gives Jim Lehrer his pink slip

Poor Jim Lehrer. Romney fired him last night or at least he outsourced his job. He really is the master Baininator. It was a pivotal moment of a snoring debate between the professor and the liar. Romney became a Democrat and bled for the middle class and forgot all about the fifty three percent and his tax cuts for the wealthy and just about anything else that wouldn't play well in a swing state. And there was the Professor on the other side looking at his notes and frowning at the upstart in the back row of his seminar. The student just would not shut up and really irritated the professor who kept checking his roster to see who snuck into his class.

And then Romney told Lehrer he would be getting his walking papers. "I'm going to cut subsidies for PBS. I like you Jim. I like Big Bird, but we have to rein in spending." Echoes of the old Bainator. And you realized this is what this man does best. He dispenses of jobs and companies and scoops off the bottom line. And old Jim who really was doing a rotten job didn't even blink. Didn't he know he had just been given his pink slip by the new guy? But maybe he didn't believe him. But he should.

The heckling student in the back row tweaking the professor is no joke. He will voucherize Medicare. He will toss off Medicaid to the states. He will get rid of the Dept of Education, EPA, and just about anything that doesn't fit his bottom line. And he will give tax breaks to the wealthy and scrap Health Care reform and if you get sick just go to an emergency room. The freshmen may be obnoxious, but he could be a real problem if he graduates.

And he will get rid of PBS if he can. Why do people need Public Television anyway? Just another liberal contrivance. And does he care about poor old Jim Lehrer? No. He did away with thousands of jobs under Bain and what is one more?  Besides Jim needs to move on. Look at how he let Romney take over the debate.

Besides, Romney likes Big Bird. Maybe he could moderate the debate next time.

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