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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

President Romney Responds to Sandy

President Romney the water is coming into peoples homes up and down the East Coast! The devastation is terrible! Hmmm. What part are they? Sir? I mean you know, are they in the fifty three percent or the forty seven percent. Because if you remember I don't have to worry about the forty seven percent. Well...I suppose they are in the forty seven percent sir. Well, there you go. They are slackers and don't take care of themselves. Maybe this will teach them a lesson. They should take a lesson from that great book Ryans been recommending. Atlas Globe. Ah, that's...Atlas Shrugged sir. Yes, that's what I said.

But sir, you really cant write off all these people they will drown. Alright Alright. Send in FARMA. That's FEMA sir and we cant do that. Well...why not? You cut the funding and said the states could take care of the disasters. Ha! Well, there you go.  A perfect example of Big Government stepping back. Problem solved. The states are underwater sir. Well, when they emerge then they can take care of themselves. This isnt going to look well for you sir.

Ok Ok. Then lets send in the Red Cross or somebody. Funding cuts sir again. You got rid of the Red Cross. Huh. Well. How about the military. They have plenty of money. We can do that sir. Yes well send in the military... maybe some of those new ships! Or maybe some of those horses I ordered up along with the guys with bayonettes. Right sir...well float a cruiser up through Battery Park. There that's the ticket. But I have to tell you, I am a little troubled with helping the forty seven percent. I don't like going back on my word and I think these people need to learn a lesson.

Hmm...well sir. How about the one percent. Oh absolutely! We can help them! Wall Street sir is three feet under water. My God! Are you serious? Well then by all means send in the Navy!

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