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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

We are all the forty seven percent

Except Mitt. In America we may be the sum of the whole. There might be nothing else for us and to shave off the bottom half and say they are not worth worrying about is about as unAmerican as you can get. I think we based the country against that kind of British Mercantilism that had us distrust any country who carved up people into classes. And here is a man who wants to run for President who just banged out two easy classes for everybody. The haves and the have nots and if you don't have it you aint going to get it. So says Mitt and the boys.

And we suspected this.  We got inklings of it with the Koch brothers and the bailouts and the way Wall Street kept giving bonuses and all that weird right wing nuttery coming out of  Fox News. But for a dude to come out and say it just blows us away. Mitt is so f-ing stupid he doesn't know that you never let anybody see how smart you are or how dumb you are until you can cut them off at the knees. But Mitt just blared out about what he really thinks of Americans who are not rich. Not much.

And still people will vote for him. Nobody wants to be in that forty seven percent of freeloaders and slackers who suck off the government. Nobody wants to be under the great wave of Republican prosperity fueled by trickle down rich guy economics. But of course we are all the forty seven percent and we are all the fifty three percent. Crackers by birth or criminals or slaves we are all cut from the same cloth be yea rich or poor. That is what being an American is all about.

Right Mitt?

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