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Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Limitations of Smart Phones

Down in Chicago trying to find a bus to Navy Pier. The wife wants me to jump on the phone and plot out our next bus stop. But the sun is too bright to read the screen and I don't have the app. The wife asks why I don't just go to the CTA site. Still. Hot. Too bright. Don't want to be scrolling through on a beautiful day. So I say lets just walk until we see a bus stop. No bus stop.We end up walking and walking to Navy Pier. Tech breakdown but we make it.

Night comes. Now we have to make the train. Where is the next bus stop. Back to the phone. I hand it to my wife and say you find it. She sits down and wrestles with the CTA site. I point out that we could just walk to Michigan Ave and catch the next bus. No. She wants to win over the site. So we sit and sit and sit while she fights it out with a server. Finally she nails down a bus but no time. So we take off to find it.

The bus turns out to be sitting by a curb. Waiting. We pile on and wait. The bus doesn't move. If you had let me read further on the site we could have know when it would leave she complains. I walk up to the large black woman driving the bus behind bullet proof glass. Does this go to Ogilvy Station? Yes. When are you leaving? Soon. Ok. I walk back. My wife is shooting me daggers. My Smart phone cools in my pocket. This is the right bus I assure her. She rolls her eyes.

The brick in my pocket tweets it is running out of power. Good.

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