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Friday, September 7, 2012

The Clear Choice

Maybe getting a job is the most important thing to you. Maybe you believe that a zillionaire will actually care about you and your family or that a business man is the best thing for America. But then you have to take both conventions at face value and drink the Kool Aide and believe that a man who has made a living out of cleaning out companies and strapped his dog to the roof of his car and beat up a gay kid in school and who will not show his tax returns and who was the least favorite candidate for even the Republicans and now teamed up his Hitler Yugen Ayn Rand siidekick should take the reins of the country and voucherize Medicare and torch the poor and give you a mighty wave as they pull away in their jet and you get on your bicycle because that is all you will have left after the dynamic duo of Social Darwinism are done.

Make no mistake. They will let you fail. They will let you starve. They will let you die. Why? Because their DNA is one of survival of the fittest and if you are not fit then it is YOUR FAULT. They are not about YOU. They are about the rich. If you are rich, then vote for Mr. Romney. Seriously. They will help you and yours. Rich means you do not have to work ever again. But if you are not in that rarefied class then your only hope is the current President. Ah, but the social issues. That deep seated loathing of Barack Obama and all he represents. You have to rise above that and think of your own self interest.

You will be on Medicare one day. You might be on Medicaid now. You might go on food stamps one day. I know lots and lots of suburban middle class families on these programs right now. Upscale white people with Dick Van Dyke homes whose kids are in college are silently going to Jewel and swiping the purple LINK card. And you might need a student loan for your kid. You might need a mortgage deduction for your upside down house. You might need to refinance. Then you will use HARP I and HARP II. You might get cancer or heart disease and the odds are you probably will. You will need Affordable Health care. You will need that law that says your pre-existing condition will not knock you out of being insured.

So if you think that jobs are it and that somehow a man who has used OPM (other peoples money) to sell off companies and outsource jobs is going to give you a job then you are fooling yourself. But even if you got a job you might lose it and then you would need unemployment, medicaid, food stamps. You will need help and if the last man on the Republican party dance list is in there then you better grab your copy of Ayn Rand and read Atlas Shrugged one more time.

If you are not already dead.

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