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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Romney Governs for the Fifty Three Percent

In case you have not heard Mitt Romney is not interested in the slackers. The forty seven percent of Americans on the dole who don't pay taxes. They are the Americans who expect government to take care of them and are not interested in work or getting ahead and are a slag on the country. Ayn Rand has a good idea of what to do with the forty seven percent. Just ask Paul Ryan. Let the poor die off and reward the rich. That is only human nature says Paul, Ayn, and now Mitt.

And it is sad that Mitt does not know the great secret of the forty seven percent who live off the government and don't pay taxes. They are the middle class now. The suburbs are now honeycombed with food stamp users and Medicaid recipients. Oh right. The Second Great Depression. The derivative bust. But lest we forget the rich got richer in the bust. The banks got richer. The forty seven percent was left holding the bag and now Mitt will cut them lose. As he said, he is not going to worry about those people.

And so he will govern for the fifty three percent. The bifurcated country. America for the rich and the rich only...or America for the fifty three percent. If a country is evaluated on how it treats its poor then Mitt would get an F. But surely he does not care.He has said he does not care. He has finally come out and said clearly in the light of day what the Republicans are all about. If you are poor then you deserve it. If you are middle class and have become poor then you deserve it.

And the best you can do is die and decrease the surplus population.

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