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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

President Obama and Republican Hate

Ross Douthat of NY Times fame says in his column that if we were to evaluate Obama without Romney in the equation then we might not re-elect him. This is fatuous. You cannot take the crucible after the experiment and then say what if we didn't add in the enzyme already added. The effect is there. Obama of today is a catalytic residue from the fissure of Republican hate. This has been going on for four years and shaped the President our country and to some degree our lives. There is no going back.

Because you would have to say alright, no Romney, then no Fox News. No twenty four Sean Hannity beating on the President. No skewed news. No Rush Limbaugh. No party of just say NO. Taking just the strategy to say NO to every initiative of the President in the hopes it would make him look bad to the electorate is heinous enough to destroy the Douthat crucible. Of course the economy is still hurting when you have a party that will filibuster on everything.

And then you have to subtract the grinding fighting of four years to get Health Care Reform approved. This took immense amounts of time. And you have to factor in the whole birther movement. A third of the Republicans still don't believe Obama deserves to be President. So when you are going to do a what if on evaluating the President. You better get rid of Romney. Fox News. The Republicans. The forty seven percent strategy. Ayn Rand. Voucherizing Medicare. And all legislative roadblocks of the last four years.

Then maybe you could evaluate the President on his record. Maybe

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