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Monday, September 17, 2012

My Old College Nightmare

I'm waking up and I stare at the alarm clock. I am late but I don't know for what. And then I realize on the last day of the semester I am late for a class I never went to. Not once did it occur during the semester that I had a riflery class I had forgotten to attend. How could this be? I bolt out of bed and run for the class. It is the last day and without the credit I will not graduate. This then is my old college nightmare.

It comes during times of stress. An amazing moment where I have forgotten about something and it is now going to destroy me. In my nightmare I have some how not looked at my lists of classes and the riflery elective is last on my printout and somehow I missed it. And it is on the last day I realize my mistake and run to the class to confront an instrutor at a riflery range. He turns with NRA on his shirt and laughs when I tell him I had taken the class but somehow forgot all about it.

Do you know how  many times I have heard that? He asks. No I say. Never. That is the lamest excuse I have ever heard and you are going to flunk rilfery and never graduate from college. I am devastated as I walk back from the class I never attended. I go back to my dorm room and fall in bed and close my eyes and it is there I wake again years later.

The amazing thing is the dream persists. The colossal screw up, the one thing that undoes you and you never even knew about it. The extra straw that puts you over. Who knows? But we all drag around our old fears I guess. Mine is one of the great unfinished thing....

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