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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Mitt is a Creep

Savvy. Funny word. Some people have it and some people don't. Mitt doesn't. Obama does. But what is savvy really? It is street smarts, a sort of second sight if you will. Almost an instinct that allows you to do what is right for the situation. People develop savvy. Some are born with it. A lot of times it comes as a survival skill. Growing up on the South Side of Chicago you either have savvy or you are going to get shot. But it is a talent. It is the ability to size up what is happening and do the right thing. The only thing.

But Mitt man, he is a goof without a clue. No savvy. No instinct. No gut check. Nothing. Just a head on a rich body moving through space. And why not? He is rich so savvy is not necessary. In fact the ability to throw people out of work and clean out companies is not something a person with savvy might want to do. Savvy carries with it nuances. Why Mitt might actually feel remorse. Not good for a rich guy. And so Mitt is the clueless wonder and rolls on through with that dumb smile...he would have been fine if he didn't run for President.

Guess what? Presidents need to be savvy! They need to sum up a situation in a nanosecond because lives are at stake. Mitt cant sum up anything. He doesn't know the right play. He has no idea. Like a sailor who has no instinct he gets cross wind and ends up swamping the boat every time. Talk about dangerous. You do not want to be in the army with this guy as Commander in Chief.

And now he shows us again how clueless he is. The rich guy spouts off right after our Ambassador is murdered. Tries to get the hand up in a really bad situation. Stupid. The savvy dude would have laid back and let the dust settle. He would have waited because the tragedy was pre-eminent. Not Mitt. He just goes out there and doubles down and rips the President and the embassy staff. Nice. Real nice. Mitt. Smack everyone when they are down. What a creep.

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