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Friday, September 21, 2012

God in the Coffee Houses

God is in the coffee houses now. Women and men sit around and talk theology and hope God will be for them. They are the divorced, newly divorced, the lost, the searching. They talk of God on a personal basis. HE will watch for me. HE will be here with me. But these people suppose the essence of God is someone like a friend in a coffee shop. The middle aged women recently spurned seem to lock on God first. They sit in the corners and discuss HIM as an entity that would save them. They talk theology and do gymnastics of interpretation. But in the winter gloom it is found wanting.

What if God is simply the dark? What if theology will not save you in the end? Is that so bad to be a spark in the night? Instead of this belief that the landscape of life will continue like a sequel set in some ether land. And I am not an atheist not even agnostic. But it is hard to listen to the tonic of old Biblical stories offered up as answers to interpersonal problems or existential angst. And the use of the heavy pronoun...I KNOW. Something about all this seems like a band aid.

And the clinging to this faith that someone else will solve your problems. The moony eyes, the expository declamations of faith and how it all works is so much BS. And these people sitting in coffee houses explaining to each other the meaning of God is a bit much sometimes. If faith is undefinable and spirituality a knowing...aren't these things best left unsaid?

And if it is only a great dark ocean waiting for us...wouldn't a good book be a better way to spend your time instead of blathering about things you have no clue about? Maybe a good CD of Joel Osteen to soothe your troubled soul?

Maybe not.

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