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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Bubba Knocks It out of the Park

Billy the Big Dog is back. The Clintonian front man just showed both sides how it was done with his speech and we are reminded that the new era of politicians have a lot to learn. I would hate to be Mitt or the short guy with the gelled hair from Cheesehead land. They are simply outgunned. Cadets at the Academy banging up against the Colonel. They have not a clue and Barack is one lucky dude to have the Big Dog on his side because he just knocked it out of the park and even the crestfallen Foxian anchors could not hide the fact they had just taken a beating.

And it doesn't matter what you think of the current candidate. Clinton reminded us there was a time when things were better and government worked and we did think about tomorrow before everything got so &^%%$# up. And we sure want those days again. Only Reagen had the same sort of bigger than life presence and could round it all up into a broad view that made everyone else look like school children squabbling on the playground. The problem is those school children are all we have now.

And I am not lumping everyone together. I am just saying that there was a time when the budget was balanced (surplus) the President was not at war with a party that had declared war on him, there was not a network focused on destroying a Presidency, and the economy was chugging along. And we just felt better. Maybe it is all pre 9/11 nostalgia, but for a little while, forty five minutes, the Big Man was back.

And so were we.

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