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Monday, August 27, 2012

What you Don't Know

What you don't know is that someone is getting a million dollars for a manuscript that may not be that good but is new and different and plugged in. Or that person lives in New York or LA and has lunch with editors and agents and scores book deals  and film deals the way you talk to someone from the PTA. That these directors, actors, authors, moguls, all came from power band schools in the East and they read authors you have never heard of and know brands you have never heard of and go to clubs you have never heard of. What you don't know is that they don't know you exist.

And it is not your fault or is it. What you don't know is they knew it every young. They knew they would have to go to the best schools and live in the best ares and vacation in the South of France and go to prep schools and attend prep games and drink coffee in the wee hours in Manhattan or LA or Chicago and walk with other people who know the same things they know and maybe they will become a pundit, a movie star or  a lawyer or run for President. What you don't know is that they knew about these options while you were riding your bike in some Midwestern neighborhood and goofing off in school.

And what you don't know is that right now they are eating better food than you ever will. They are eating food you have not heard of made in ways you have not heard of. You are eating a burger or some animal based garbage that will give you cancer and heart disease while you sit at your sedentary job while they work out in some three hundred a month club and then have a radicchio salad and drink organic Super Foods that will make sure they never get cancer or heart disease.

And they don't know about you and they don't care. You simply don't exist. There are these people who have known what you never knew, but you watch them on television or hear about them or see a movie about them and you ask people really live like that?

They do.

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