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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Rich Boy

Fitzgerald's short story by the same name (The Rich Boy) is quite the parable for Mitt now that people sniff something is not quite right in Whoville. The Rich are very different from you and me and Mitt is bitterly proving the point. But Anson Hunter of Fitzs story is much the same. A curiously ineffective man who has relied on the millions he has inherited and not much else The meditation on what makes the rich different in the Fitzgerald story is relevant here. It is a question people ask every day and Mitt has become the specimen in the test tube now.

And we know he has reached his level of incompetence and it is shocking. And for some reason we ascribe values or attributes to rich people that were never really there. And the geeky wonkish Mitt who seems a little weird at times has let the cat out of the bag and we have the collective oh no. He really is a man over his head. A boy who wanted to be President who became a man who managed through money to get to the point where he is actually running for office. And it is embarrassing.

The handlers cant handle him enough. His wife cannot cover him. He keeps seeping out and we see the rich boy trying to rise to the occasion but only rising to his level of incompetence and then falling back. It is not his fault he is rich and has not much talent other than an ability to clean out companies. He is simply not that man. And like Anson Hunter he is doomed to be ineffectual and a little pathetic. The rich boy just cant get a break and maybe that is the problem with the rich.

They have had breaks all their lives.

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