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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Peril of Excessive Individualism

The historian Page Smith cited in his history of the United States the "disintegrative effects" of rugged individualism on society. His contention was that all these people acting as independent units was not good for society, but that was exactly what America trumpeted as her most celebrated virtue. Sister Simone Campbell of the Nuns on the bus cited excessive individualism as our greatest peril now when confronted with Bill OReillys rant about giving money to poor people. The sister later told Lawrence O'Donnell that rich people like Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney prove the dangers of excessive individualism. Rich people who want to pull up the gate behind them while the poor drowns.

And that is Paul Ryan of course. The Atlas Shrugged rich boy whose father died and he hardened up with a view of the world not unlike Charles Lindbergh after his baby was kidnapped and murdered who then  went to Nazi Germany and sung the praises of fascism over democracy. He saw the lack of control in America as a reason his baby was murdered and formed America First. He turned a cold heart on humans and saw them as dangerous creatures to be controlled right up to Pearl Harbor. And Ryan seems to have that same cold heart.

Against women's rights. Against welfare. Against Medicaid. Against Medicare. Calling progressivis, a cancer when he was on the Glenn Beck show. Against gun control. Against student loans In favor of tax breaks for the rich and tax increases for the middle class. His budget is a bitter old mans blueprint of Victorian severity. Spare the rod and spoil the child.  He is Scrooge who becomes bitter after the death of his sister and declared, " the world is a cold hard place Mr. Marley and one must steel ones self against it." Certainly Paul Ryan, the scion to millions, steeled himself against the world after his father died and decried the world was a cold hard place and only those worthy should survive.

And I am sure he sees himself in that mode as he eviscerates Medicare and pensions. A man who has done what he had to do. The individual is pre-emient in Paul Ryans world of practical austerity and goverment has no place. Excessive indiividualism is indeed the chemotherapty to the cancerous progressivism. And only the strong shall survive.

Or the rich.

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