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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Paul Ryans Love Affair with Ayn Rand

What would a Wisconsin man from Janesville who inherited money from a family that got rich on government contracts for building roads and whose father died when he was sixteen and who would later become the budget cutting zealot who doesn't believe in any humanistic programs for anybody and that people should either make it on their own or just die and decrease the surplus population; have in common with a Russian Writer who saw the Russian Revolution first hand and wrote two sprawling novels Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged which embodied her theory of objectiivism? Well....

Objetivism says that basically we bring nothing to the table. That nature exists apart from us and our consciousness is really a vehicle for understanding the reality we live in. We bring nothing other than our existence. We exist. Nature exists. The laws are immutable. Anything else we bring is aberrational. Religion, humanism, empathy, altruism. These are not values found in nature. Only survival of the fittest governs existence. There is no God. There is Art but it is only in relation to helping us understand the physical world Anything else is just contrivances of man.

Ok. Now. Take Paul Ryan. Dad dies when he is sixteen. The world is harsh. I am rich. There are others who do not have as much. He reads Atlas Shrugged and lifts objectivism. There is no reason to feel empathy for others. It does not exist. Only the strong survive. Only self interest is real. Humans acting in capitalism is the purest form of objectivism. They will do only what it takes to make money. They act only in self interest. Social programs and any effort to ameliorate the plight of less fortunate flies in the face of nature. Existence demands people live or die. If they cannot live then they must die. So says Paul and Ayn.

And now this Ayn Rand devotee  is running for VP. Lot of poor people in the United States who didn't read Atlas Shrugged. Lot of people without health care who didn't read Fountainhead. Lot of people without education who don't understand objectivism. Paul has a big big job on his hands. His budget is Ayn Rand redux. It is the blueprint for a Russian writer who saw brutality under the Bolsheviks. There is no God. There is only the strong. The rest shall die off. So says Ayn Rand.

So says Paul.

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