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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Older Dads Cause Autism

The weird increase in autism in the United States (something like 78 percent since 2000) has finally been linked not to the environment or older moms or vaccinations or aliens or eating lead or working mothers or too many vitamins or not breast feeding or fertility drugs but to MEN. Older dads. Seems that dads in their forties possess a sperm with a faulty DNA and this produces autism and schizophrenia As if being a dad wasn't hard enough, not there is DAD GUILT over potentially giving your kid autism.

I guess the cut off is thirty five and then things get strange. But the evidence is conclusive. Older mothers are just fine but older dads not so much. Those sperm just cant be trusted and they are giving us a nation of kids who don't talk and live pretty much in their own world. So says the NY Times at least .But it was the big question. Why had autism skyrocketed and why can no one focus?It would seem ADD is the syndrome of the day and then of course you say, well why wern't these kids around before?

And of course the response is they work but nobody knew it. Hmmm.  They sure did a good job of hiding in clear sight in the classroom then. And then the response is they were all kept home. Really? I don't think so. A nation of ADD kids or autistic kids being hidden away? But maybe. We have all suspected something is wrong with our Ritalin nation and why cant anyone make the grade without drugs anymore. Well, now we know. It is DADS fault.

Isnt it always?

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