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Friday, August 10, 2012

Maybe We Aren't So Good At Math and Science

Maybe we never were. You think about Americans and you think about innovation and communication, making something out of nothing. You don't think about some guy working on numbers or explaining black holes. In fact that is  very un American. Americans are talkers, communicators if we are anything. And that has always been our strong suit. Look at our intellectual properties, movies, etc, they rule the world. No one gets it across like Americans. So why do we beat ourselves up that we arent the math whizzes or science fair winners of the world?

Must be that techie thing. Software engineers have become the new businessmen of the fifties. Amazing men that can do anything. And so we run after the Chinese and Japanese and beat up our kids because we don't score as high. And our whole No Child Left Behind thing was driven by the perception we were behind. We were behind in math and science and we might not develop the next chip. But the truth is we always develop the next chip anyway. It's the whole Sputnik thing and we got to the moon first anyway.

You know where this is going. Lets start putting out strong foot forward. You know, writing, communicating. Innovating. Punch up writing, speech, rhetoric. Lets rule the worlds as the great people who can get their point across and by the way we do that anyway. Let someone else figure out who the math and science. You know, like the Chinese and the Japanese.

Us, we'll just talk. Its what we do best.

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