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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Ann Romney, Christie, and the Boss

You can just hear Bob Christie singing Racing in The Streets after giving us his faux New Jersey childhood of listening to Darkness on the Edge of Town while being the all American Italian boy with the overbearing mother. What? You Want? You Want? I go racing in the streets....Yeah. A Republican from New Jersey telling us all the things the Demorcats gone wrong while he and the Boss are whooping it up in his Buick Lesabre, crusing around, getting stoned, jamming in those lost New Jersey nights. And he is now the man to bring us the human Robot Mitt

But hey Ann and Mitt were just a couple of aritists struggling along. A couple of bohemes who worked on a door over a copule of sawhorese and slept on a Pullman be and ate on an ironing board. The wild and crazy couple got married even though the parents were down on it. Just a couple of broke American kids making their way. And she is just like any other American woman with problems. She is looking for the deal even though she has a cool quarter billion. Hey, she is just like any other mother going to kostko or Sams Club and she digs American women.

And Bob and Ann really should get together if you think about it. They could cruise around in his Chevy and listen to the Boss and have a shake and a burger and smoke a J and hang out in Anns aparment with the pull down bed and be just like every other American who came from humble roots. And its kind of cool because the Boss is rich now and Ann is rich and Bobs pretty well off and so in a way I guess they are just like the Boss and everyone else. bohemians. I think you can be that now.

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