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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Zimmerman Directed By God to shoot Trayvon

Watch out for anybody who invokes God as their divine reason for doing anything. The problem is it  is just like Stand Your Ground. The last man standing gets to invoke God...the other guy not so much. It is Gods will that George Zimmerman carry a gun and shoot Trayvon. So says George to Sean Hannity. Amazing hubris. Does he regret carrying a gun or chasing Trayvon? No. Gods Will. I would not be doing Gods will....hmmm. Ok.

Let me get this straight. The omnipotent being in the sky had George follow his will and shoot a seventeen year old. How many stupid pills did George take to say that one? Had to be his lawyer telling him that if he admits any regret then he is toast. Or he really believes that God directed him to chase down a kid with a bag of Skittles and an iced tea and shoot him in cold blood. Could be.  A lot of people do really bad things in the name of God. Maybe George is one of them.

And what is really scary is that this might be his defense. He was acting on the direction of a higher power. That he really believed he was doing good. The will of God. The good work of the saviour. I doubt his attorney will go that route but the absolutism of George is very scary. Like the Stand Your Ground law that makes the shooter judge jury and executioner, the rational that he is doing Gods will has no one left to argue otherwise. I am  not sure Trayvon saw  George as Gods avenging angle.

Sadly, just another mortal with a gun looking to shoot a young black male.

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