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Monday, July 23, 2012

The Insanity of Guns in America

Yeah everybody needs an AR 15 Military Assault rifle, you know the one that Holmes used to wipe out 12 people in a theatre. Oh right. It is part of our basic American freedoms. Oh yes they are going to take away your freedom so you cant use a hundred round ammo clip in your AR 15 and it just happens to jam sometimes as Holmes found out. But we all need to have that and four thousand rounds of ammunition and bombs and tear gas grenades and body armor. Right our second amendment right to bear arms. Oh yes, someone is going to take away our precious right to mow people down. 

An AR 15 Assault rife. No. I got it. Guns dont kill people, people kill people. Oh right. Bring out that  logic one more time. Take a look at James Holmes. He is clearly insane. And an insane person with a gun is a lot different than one without a gun. Right. We should all suffer because of a few bad apples. Yes. We should. How about this one. America is being held hostage by the gun owners. That's a better one. We cant get anything passed because of the NRA. You know what part B of the second amendment should read...NON GUN OWNERS HAVE A RIGHT NOT TO GET SHOT.

But I digress. People will be up in arms screaming about their freedoms. Wait. They already are. Don't take away my freedoms. would be vaporized by a drone before you ever got our your AR 15. Like you are going to beat the government. Go back in your basement and watch Rambo one more time. Delusional. The second amendment does not work anymore. But America is stuck with it. The Right to Bear Arms. The right to kill people. Right on.

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