Thursday, July 12, 2012

Romney Can't Fool the NAACP

Poor Mitt. Booed at the NAACP. What did he think? I mean, really? Here is the king of rich white guys who have no clue what it would be like to be black in America, telling the NAACP that the first thing he is going to do as President is get rid of Obamacare...really Mitt? C'mon. What planet did you come from? Oh yeah, planet Rich as Hell and  planet No Clue what middle class Americans much less black Americans are going through. Still, he was surprised.

I think it was eleven seconds of sustained booing. Up until then it had been cordial. Mitt smiling and saying he was for all Americans. Yawn. Yeah. Tell that to all the Bain casualties. You know all those people who got screwed out of their jobs after Mitt drained their companies and then shifted the money to off shore accounts and Swiss Bank Accounts. Now that's the American way! What a great American Mitt is. And after he is done destroying your company, he will take away your health care!

It is curious why they would boo him. Right. I mean here is a man all about the little guy. He will get big government off the back of black Americans and Mexican Americans and Asian Americans so they can all starve and die in the street like the rugged individuals they are. Still, Mitt seemed perplexed. Standing there as the ultimate White Guy from the last century. The last of the Mormon Mohican's who will Donny Osmond his way right to the White House. And they booed him.

Wow. Some people just cant get any respect.

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