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Monday, July 16, 2012

The Problem with Selling Books Now

So I am in the bookstore and looking to buy Dean Bakopoulos book My American Unhappiness and my debit card is empty and I really want the book and so I whip out my phone and slip to Amazon and find the book for 3.44  versus the 11.95 the bookstore wants. Now Amazon will hit me with shipping but the bookstore will hit me with tax so it is coming out to thirteen fifty versus 7.88. Worse, I can shoot out the order on my phone right there because it is hooked into a different credit card and while I really want the paperback right now, I could stand to save five bucks.

So I stand there in the bookstore trying to figure out how to transfer money but I cant get into my account for some unknown reason and my phone is saying CLICK HERE to buy a used copy of My American Unhappiness for almost half the price. I want to buy the book from the store because that will put more in Deans pocket while buying a used copy gives the author nothing. But there it is. I want the book and I am not above saving the money, but more than that I will not be coming back to the bookstore any time soon and I know me, I will not come back and get it. So I figure what the hell and buy the book from Amazon.

And I know too this is the problem. When a man literally standing in the checkout line can get the book for five bucks less at that very moment, then certainly the world of publishing has changed. And I really wanted that book right then and I would have paid full bump if my card had gone through, but it didnt. And I figure reading the book is better than not reading the book and so...sorry Dean. I'll go back and buyyour first novel full price. Promise bro.

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