Thursday, July 12, 2012

Nora Ephrons Triumph in When Harry Met Sally

Now that the tributes have died down I will write one. I watched When Harry Met Sally tonight after not watching it for many years. It is my wife and mine favorite. We had come together in much the same way in the city and under the auspices of friendship. Like Harry and Sally, though the sex thing finally got in the way. But the premise that we could be great friends while she had a boyfriend and I had many girlfriends actually lasted years. And so whenever we watched Nora's movie we always saw ourselves....just like millions of others.

And the movie holds up. In fact it lives. What a great film that it can capture the moment of living in the city and having all the heartbreak of bad relationships and then you finally find the one. Against all odds. Nora Ephron wrote a great movie because it caught all of us at that critical moment between being a young adult and an adult and finding someone else just in the nick of time. And she caught what its like to have romance in the city in the late eighties when...well...everything was good.

And maybe that is all great stories. Catching the very best of us at a moment in time. Her film is a bit of history now. The country before 9/11. The country just before the Clinton years, coming off a boom and heading into another one. Everyone has a good job and nobody seems to be hurting. Well, again, When Harry Met Sally is a trip down memory lane, but more than that, it is a great movie of moments that coalesce around two people. A great vision. A great heart. From a  great writer.

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