Sunday, July 8, 2012

Being Tom Cruise

Blasting along in a jet as the Top Gun of his time it must be something to be Tom Cruise. The Risky  Business boy of every adolescents fantasy he rode that to The Rain Man and the Mission Impossible movies that everyone loved to watch and forget. The guy just is probably the best looking man in the world and has the world by the short hairs and yet, would really suck to be Tom Cruise. The Scientology man doesnt have a clue really though he hopes Dianetics might point the way.

Jumping on a couch didn't stop those divorce papers form being served or the crappy news she wants  custody. Tom is said to never be alone. Ten people are with him all the time. What a drag. You go to the bathroom and ten people are outside. You have sex and ten people are there to hand you a towel. You eat  burger and ten people hand you the ketchup. You fight with your wife and ten people tell you you are right. You go off to Iceland to film a movie and ten people tell you you just got served.

And Tom will have those ten people telling him he is the man right now. They are paid to do it. And they may be right. They may be wrong. And Tom can ask the Scientologists what they think and maybe then he has a moment where he knows that everybody is lying to him. That he really can't tell friend from foe. That if you are Tom Cruise your life is crap. Because in the end you are alone. Really alone. Even with those ten people telling you that you aren't.

So being Tom Cruise would be really cool. Except when you aren't.

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