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Friday, July 20, 2012

The Dark Knight Has Risen in Colorodo

Twelve dead in Colorado watching  The Dark Knight Rises. Twelve dead while we hold up violence from the screen as a religion. Do you really think you can stay on your side of the LCD screen now? No. You cant. The world we have created is one of blood soaked hell. It has been on the other side of the screen while we think we are safely in our reality. Now gun crazed madmen make the jump from screen to the flesh and blood equivalent of monsters from Hades. And they have guns. Lots of guns. As many as you can see on the screen. And some didn't know the difference.

Some heard the tear gas and thought it was part of the movie. Some heard the gun shots and thought it was the movie. The Dark Knight comes from the darkness of Gotham of Batman a dark hero from a comic book noir that celebrated the underside of the city world. And that forties world of black and white villains is gone but Batman lives on in Hollywood and we cant get enough. And then a man walks into the theatre and calmly shoots down twelve people.

And we don't see the connection between our sick dark culture. People mowing down others with guns we cannot control. Our television and movies celebrating the very worst. And we think we are like people in a zoo safely on our side of the bars. We are not. We are in the zoo now. We are in there with the predators who are no longer content to stay on their side of the screen. Now, they want us.

The dark knight has risen.

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