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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Health Care in our Time

The Supreme Court just backed the American People. Call it Obamacare or what you will but the fact that a person cannot be turned down for insurance because they are sick is now a fundamental right. Corporations cannot destroy you because you lost your insurance. How many people keep their jobs to keep their insurance? Millions. But in a time when Citizen United is stealing our elections, this was a clear victory for the middle class. Health care in our time.

And if they had struck down the law then we would all be less for it. Once these ramparts are breached there is no coming back. Corporations are not people. Mitt Romney is not a benevolent man. There is profit and that creates its own morality. That people die who do not have health care is not a corporate concern. You cannot abscribe moral virtures when there are none. People would simply have died if the Obama health reform had been turned back.

But now there is this line in the sand. The people who claim to want to turn back the clock have nothing now. The same people who do not recognize that we are a changing society. That our white pluralism will go the way of the horse and buggy. That there is a new world we better embrace now. Thank God for small victories like this.

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