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Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Effect of the Ebook on Publishers and Authors

Here is the deal. You don't have to wait any more for the benediction of a large publisher. We all know this. But do the large publishers? Publishing still moves at a glacial pace. Books languish and sometimes never come out. Manuscripts go unread for months, sometimes years. Yet publishers still assume everyone will wait and they are still calling the shots. They really aren't anymore.

You might say, well no one will read you if you just bring the book out as an ebook. True. But it is out there. It has cleared the computer and is now available to the world at large. You might want an advance and yes you have to have a publisher for that. But if you can get over that financial hurdle ,then you might find yourself very amenable to seeing that book out there in E land.

The point is that the great bottleneck of publishing has been broken and will never come back again. If an author gets tired of waiting, then they can just bring out the book and move on. The writers goal is to be published, to bring the work to the world at large. The ebook gives authors that power if nothing else. To some, that is all the power in the world.

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