Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Boring Book

Just started reading Richard Fords Canada. It's boring but I bought a hardcover so I'm going to finish it. Which brings up the whole boring book thing. If you want to be committed to a book pay twenty three bucks for it and you will read it. And if it is an author who you have read before ( I have read Lay of the Land, the Sports Writer, Independence Day) then it makes it even harder when you hit the boring book. Because you have to finish it now.

I cannot throw the book over now. And yeah I suffer from the old some books are boring but not necessarily bad philosophy. Some kind of hangover from reading Ulysses although that wasn't really boring just confusing. But when you hit the boring book you are really bummed because you want to like it. You want the author to deliver and so you are not willing to put it aside. So you read on.

And if you bought the hardcover you have some serious coin invested. This keeps you reading too which makes the Kindle pretty scary. You pay five bucks for a book and it is boring...NEXT. But for now Richard and I are going to slug it out. Boring or not.


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