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Monday, June 18, 2012

The Agency of Self

I have had many agents, some good, some bad. I currently have a very good agent and I know he will do whatever he can to sell my books. But I still have to tell myself that the agency of self is really the only thing you have. What are you willing to do is the only question. What is it you are willing to do to get published and sell? Strange thoughts when you would think that having an agent would take some of this load away. But it doesn't.

Even the best agent can only give you a little time. Yeah, ok. You are the mega seller then you get all the time, but most of us are not. So you are one of the many and the many all are waiting their turn. So you have your agent but you still have to have the agency of self or risk having that awful thought: nothings happening. It is a thought I deal with just about every day.

And it is the writers lot to have to do everything themselves. You had to write the book where there was nothing and now you have to publish it somehow. And you want to find the best avenue so you get an agent and wait. That doesn't work. So you start to think out of the box. How will I sell this book. You sign with the agency of self. Now you are ready to do anything.

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