Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Politics of the F Bomb

I know a woman who was threatened with the loss of her job at a company because she used the Fbomb. Apparently the manager called her into the office and said that he had reports she had been throwing Fbombs around. The woman didn't know what he was talking about. The company was Christian based and very conservative. The woman was a liberal Democrat and had made her views known. The manager said that if he had any more reports of her using the Fbomb then he would have to think about terminating her. The woman admitted she had used the fbomb once in the office. The manager said he had numerous reports of her fbombing.

This woman said the manager said she had a bad side. He went on to say that she had to use her good side and not fbomb anymore. The woman didn't know what he meant by good side or bad side. Well obviously your bad side commits the fbombs he pointed out. But that is just a form of expression the woman protested. Well I don't want Corporate to hear about this he said ominously.  I can't have anymore reports of fbombs the manager finished. The woman was very nervous because she didn't know who said it. She sat in her cubicle and was very quiet. Apparently another woman whom she had a political discussion with had reported her use of the fbomb.

The fbomb is used in our movies and literature and television. We hear it at the Academy Awards. Clark Gable would have said it if he could have at the end of Gone With The Wind. Adults like to control people by what they can and cannot say. I know a man who said he cannot stand to hear the fbomb. He said it offends him deeply. I said it sounded like a personal problem. There are clearly two groups in the world now. Fbombers and those who would stop the fbombers. Freedom of Speech might be invoked. Political coercion might be cited. Pettiness. Venality. Childishness. Prudishness.
You know what...fuck it.

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