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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Cliche of the Tyranny of Cliches

There is a book out called the Tyranny of Cliches which supposedly puts the lie to Liberal/Left Wing ideals and propaganda. The authors epiphanic moment came when he deduced that Liberal views or talking points or ideals were not founded in any sort of reality at all. The liberals have no ideology where in fact Conservatives do have an ideology and are willing to stand up for what they believe in. While liberals just talk. The author on Pierce Morgan said of course he agrees with these talking points. That we should help poor people and it is bad if the rich are taking more than their fair share (they aren't he points out) but if they were then of course they should give more.

The problem with the authors assertion that conservatives agree with these empty cliches is of course that they don't. The author has simply pulled a Romney and become what he hates. And the author does hate liberals. The snapping jaw, the smoting eyes while Pierce questioned him as the author complained he was not given a fair shake before on his who, demonstrate  that he is not just a man who has pointed out an unfortunate truth for Liberals. He does not really believe in the empty cliches which have no bite as he points out. We should help poor people. The rich take too much. We should not bust unions. We should not eviscerate teachers pensions. But he does a good job of intellectualizing.

The cliche of The Tyranny of Cliches is that the emperor has no clothes at all. Conservatives do not have the moral highroad nor do they want it. They do not try and help the poor and they do not try and close loopholes for the rich or corporations. Even if not one Liberal policy ever made it through into any sort of tangible benefit for anybody, it is preferable to have people giving lip service to helping their fellow man and woman than the bat the Conservatives use to beat anyone down who dare tries. But to base a book on a thesis founded in the bitterness of being low on the totem pole of moral authority, is really someone just dressing up the same old tired saw... nothing really changes, so why try?

How cliche.

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