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Friday, May 4, 2012

Are the Suburbs the new city?

Conglomeration and global economy and ecommerce. Hmm. Shopping malls shuttered and dark and ma and pa businesses going out of business like so many lights powering down on an old grid no longer sustainable. And there is the city. People conglomerated around large buildings so people can work together at a time when ecommerce and online everything is making the home office not an option but SOP. And we have these bunched up economic hubs from an oil based everything. Is it the city still the future or is it the wide open spaces of suburban living where people commute to nowhere.

We say well culture will always exist in the city and this may be but I ask the question...whose culture? Culture propagated by a theatre district that could easily move to larger venues or restaurants that are already out in the burbs. Well then it is the artists that bring culture. Well then they would be in the burbs because artists are all broke as we know and it is a hell of a lot cheaper in the burbs than the city. And it is a lot easier to live. But more than all of that there is the Internet.

The invisible world cares not for the old city states. It is ubiquitous and goes everywhere and anywhere and so people are not tied to anything. And if we are all tied into this highway for our income as we surely all will be then we can live anywhere there is a hot spot .  So we might just stay in the city for the lights and action and people and the city buzz. But people have a nasty habit of going where life is easier and more than all that...cheaper.

Of course the price of gas could drive us all back to the city. But then that would suppose people have a reason to leave their homes. Online colleges will keep the kids in place. Much cheaper. Peapod will bring the groceries and dad will hang in his home office. The car sits in the family garage. The weird new world.

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