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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Will George Zimmerman run?

You wouldn't think the guy would just take off, but it is sure strange that George cut off communication with his attorneys and now is MIA. And the prosecutor said she will be releasing information within the next seventy two hours. And George is talking to Sean Hannity. I'd run. Sounds like a desperate man to me and the fact that all his former attorneys would say is that he is somewhere in the United States. Wow. I bet that prosecutor is nervous now.

It would be a hell of a thing if George just disappeared. But really can you imagine what is running through his mind. He shot and killed a seventeen year old. Now something along the lines of guilt and a sneaking suspicion that Stand Your Ground might not be as Teflon as it is cracked up to be would get him checking his passport and eyeing freighters bound for ports unknown. Because in the three AM moment, George has to have that final reckoning that he stalked a kid with some Skittles and a can of tea.

Even if you fool yourself into thinking you needed your nine millimeter to defend yourself against the unarmed highschooler you still have to wonder what would have happened if you had not followed him in the first place. And if you did follow him and were the aggressor, didn't you bring on the push back that might have occurred when one human tries to stop another? Even George must have started doubting his very thin rational that he needed deadly force against the Skittle man trying to get away from him.

But maybe we will never know. Maybe right now, George is on a plane or a ship or waiting to slip into Canada or going up into the mountains never to be seen again. If he is lucky he can get a new identity, start a new life. Something Trayvon will never be able to do.

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