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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Singular Life of Writing Fiction

You don't golf. You don't bowl. You don't play tennis or poker or get together with the guys at the gym. You don't have any other hobbies really. You maybe bike or jog but this is all to the end of writing. You write fiction and besides the rest of your life that is all you really do. The writing requires time but it is the thinking that burns up most of your free time. And you have to think alone.

You go to coffee houses to get away but of course there is always some fool at the next table giving his life story or somebody being proselytized while you try and concentrate. Maybe it is fodder but right now you are trying to read and think. You are trying to dope out the next scene maybe several scenes maybe trying to get a sense of the whole book. It is mind bending work and you have to be miserly with your time because you only have so much alone.

Family gets the rest. Seeing your friends. After that it is the logistics of life and writing. That takes up just about all of it. And you think about all the other people who live normal lives and don't have to worry about reading x amount of books or scribbling scenes in notebooks or getting in that one two three hours of writing that is a must every day.

But then you would be a different person.

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