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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Reading For Writing

Hard to do. Finding the right books that will allow you to keep writing. You need the rocket fuel or you can't keep going. Start reading dribble and it goes right off the rails. So you keep looking for the right blend of passion prose and subject that allows you to keep all right in your world. You simply need the oxygen and without it your own prose withers and dies.

Especially if you are writing a lot. You can't take it for granted that you will keep going. Without strong reading you will not .You will simply run out of gas. Reading is gas. It allows you to keep the furnace stoked up and powers you through your writing. Without it the writing goes flat and shallow and you start skating on the ice instead of diving down into the water. But finding the right books is tricky.

For the book I am writing I am toting around a heavy backpack. Dr. Zhivago, The Corrections, Wonder Boys, Little Big Man, A Map of the World. And then all the strange stuff in my Kindle, books that didn't work, samples of books I never finished. The point is I need the wood to keep the fire going and must be at it for hours to justify my short run of maybe two hours writing.

So I will drain these books and find others, until finally I get to the end. Maybe one day I will read for pleasure again.

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