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Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Nuge's Cat Scratch Hate

Yeah the Nuge. Had his album with the Nuge bent way over with his hair hanging down in Cat Scratch Fever nirvana. All good with rock and roll and seventies pedal to the medal anthems like CSF and yeah he was pretty much the one hit wonder dude (who can remember anything else by the Nuge) and then he sort of disappeared with all those other seventies rockers and emerged as a right wing rock and roll nut ball who was always shooting off at the mouth and you just sort of said well the Nuge is crazy, right up until the NRA convention where the Nuge went even Nugier and blasted right through his fever into hate and said he would be in jail or dead if Obama was elected.

Now we can take this to mean he would party down like it' nineteen ninety nine and so he might end up in jail or the Nuge was going to do so many drugs in his ecstasy over Obama's re-election that he would OD and go out the way all self respecting rockers go and we could all bow our heads over the passing of The Nuge. Or...he might have been saying that he would try and shoot the President and barring his success or lack thereof he would not go quietly and so he would barricade himself into some sort of Nugian fort and fight it out with the forces of evil (Obamaites) and he may be just wounded and end up in jail. Or dead.

Hmmm...I guess if we read the Nuges transcript  and look at how into guns he is the latter. Think he is going to have a chat with the Secret Service. Guess they didn't listen to Cat Scratch Fever and get into those power riffs. Maybe they didn't dig all that seventy rock to begin with. Guess they see him as just another lunatic who disguises hate and bigotry in love of country. Guess the Nuge is just losing it in his later post rocker years. But who knows...maybe the Nuge can do a follow up now.

A sort of fire eating far right rip on his original tune. Cat Scratch Hate. Cat Scratch Bigot. Cat Scratch Nutjob. The Nuge is pretty versatile. I mean look how flexible the dude is on his album cover. You got to be to touch the floor like that.

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