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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Brother says Trayvon stalked George!

I get it, Trayvon mugged George! George Zimmermans brother has laid it out for us on that hot Florida night. He has let us know that George was not following Trayvon and in fact the opposite happened: he was followed! The brother is very calm and we now see George's defence which is that he was the victim. He was just a good Samaritan doing his duty as a citizen by calling in a suspicious character and walking back to his truck when he was attacked by a the Skittle toting thug and brutally assaulted and then right before he lost consciousness, right before imminent death, he went to his last resort, literally gasping his last breath, he didn't want to you understand, but he pulled his gun to keep Trayvon from taking it from him and shooting him!

The brother says all this in perfect calm. Very logical. Very tragic. But no. George was not following Trayvon. No. No. He merely kept his eye on him then lost track of him and then was attacked from behind and became the victim of the crazed Skittle mugger. Hmmm. Even Pierce Morgan had a hard time with that one but this is what we can expect. The gun was incidental. The gun just happened to be there because it is very normal for Floridians to carry guns and call in suspicious characters and to follow the suspicious character and then disobey the 911 operator and follow the suspicious character.

Wait a minute Pierce the brother says. He never said he was suspicious and he never followed him. But the police asked him if he was following him and he said yes!  I think you have to listen to that tape a little closer Pierce. He never said he was actually following him. What about calling in a man with a hoodie? He would have called in anyone who was suspicious. So we see on that hot Florida night no one is never safe. Even with a nine millimeter and an SUV you still are in danger.

What if he had never gotten out of his truck, Pierce asks finally. What if he had just left this boy alone? Ah. But you see. You are assuming he did something to Trayvon. Trayvon pursued my brother! And my brother woudl have been dead if he had not used his gun. all makes perfect sense now. You are right. Good thing George had a gun. He might have gotten pinged by a Skittle.

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