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Friday, March 30, 2012

The Zimmerman View

Well now we have the brother of poor George saying that it was all in self defence and that the medical records will prove that poor George was getting beat up by the Skittle bearing Trayvon and that as a last resort meeting force with force he had to shoot the unarmed hoody skittle bandit to save his own life. Hmmm. Ok so here is the brothers salient point...George could not really defend himself against the blitzkrieg of Trayvon because "he was out of breath." Now the logical question for the vigilante turned murderer is...drum roll please...why was George out of breath?

Say he was working out. Taking a jog. Dropped and decided to do a quick fifty push ups and then some jumping jacks. Maybe a quick Karate workout to be the ever ready citizen patroler. Maybe he was running from some point outside the gate community and was late for work. Maybe he had asthma. Maybe COPD. Maybe he just as a rule is out of breath. Or maybe...just maybe he was....CHASING TRAYVON. Could that be the reason poor George was out of breath?

The brother sees no incongruity in this version of events. He sees himself as giving Georges side of events but of course the question, the question is that if a man is pursing another man and he has a gun and he has ignored the police who told him not pursue the man and now he is out of breath...since that man is the aggressor and the other man on the defensive? And how would these tables turn on packing George? I mean couldn't he have stopped running after Trayvon and caught his breath?

Or was George so intent on catching the hooded Skittle bandit and using his nine millimeter that he didn't even stop to catch his breath? The brother doesn't elaborate on this...but he wants the hate speech to stop. Tragic he says. Tragic.'re right. Poor George all out of breath having to bust a cap to defend himself...there really ought to be a law.

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