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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

You better not be packing no Skittles

Man. Am I glad I'm not black! Anyone could shoot me! Like Trayvon Martin you are fair game for any nut job with a gun and lots of nut jobs have guns. And in Florida you can call it self defense. Step back Jack. He looks suspicious! Pull out your .357 and do the deed. Wild West here we come. What do we need cops for when you can just pack heat and cruise around in your car looking for any perps...there's one now! Get out of the car and switch off the safety.!

And it is hot and it is a nice neighborhood and you are black. What in the hell are you doing here?And now he is walking toward you. Hey I have my gun. I have my gun and all that prejudice and suspicion pulls the trigger. Pow. Pow. Yeah baby. Justice. No trial. Nothing. Just vigilante justice FLORIDA STYLE. Cool. Call 911. Police arrive. They are white too. So it was self defense?Oh yeah. He's black! Got it. You are good. What's that in his hand? Skittles? Dangerous. He could have hit you with them, good thing you were packing.

And so you sit in the morgue for a few days with your phone. Your dad calling you. Hey where is my son? The police, the coroner, don't bother to check the phone. What is that sound coming from the basement? Just another DOA. What the hell. Good thing Zimmerman busted a cap on this dude and did us a all a favor. The gated white people of gated communities will rest easier knowing there are dudes out there packing heat. You just better be the right color and not wear a hoodie.

And you better not be packing no Skittles.

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