Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Stand Your Ground Against the Hooded Skittle Thugs

Yeah. Stand your ground. You have a gun and a car and the kid in the hood has Skittles. So why is Zimmerman still walking around? Could it be Florida justice has a blind white eye?Hmm...maybe. But with Stand Your Ground if someone threatens you or you think they are threatening you or maybe someone tells you they might threaten you or they spit your way....or they walk through your neighborhood with a hoodie and a  pack of Skittles. THREATENING...Oh yeah.

So what is the Justice Department waiting for?Yeah we have this case. What are the facts? An armed man shot a kid in his neighborhood. Was the kid armed? Um. No. Did he have a car?Um. No. Did the man who was armed follow him?Um. Yes. Did he call to him? Yes. Did the kid do anything? He tried to get away. I what happened then? He shot him. Hmph. Did he have anything that might be construed as a weapon? Skittles. What?He had Skittles sir.

So...they have to determine if Zimmerman felt threatened by the kid with Skittles. The high school kid who was trying to get away from the dude packing heat. Yeah. Convene that Grand Jury. Get that Justice Dept investigation going. Yeah...let's find out if a Skittle thrown at sixty miles an hour (average speed for a Skittle thrown) could hurt someone. Yeah. Skittle forensic tests. Le's get to the bottom of  a man threatened with a pack of candy.

Yeah Baby. Justice.

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