Thursday, March 29, 2012

Our Autistic Society

Hmmm...seventy eight percent rise in autism since 2000. So we can't hide under the old well nobody was diagnosed before and we always had all these autistic kids and ask the question; what the hell is going on? It would seem in a society where everyone is deemed equal that we also not ask the question why then are so many of our children now ADD and Autistic and ADHD? Clearly we are not all created equal. All you have to do is have a kid in highschool and you stumble on Ritalin kiddies who have been on these drugs for years and might be on be on them their entire life.

And now that we can retire the tired old saw that there were always these kids around and that our now very proficient medical expertise has allowed us to diagnose them then we can ask the logical question of why is this happening to children in our society. Autism is a serious disorder and can render kids catatonic. So why is this happening? Environmental? Our digitized high pressure society. Mommies working. Radon? Vaccines. Food additives. Swelling population growth. Fertility drugs allowing us to circumvent mother nature and have a baby anyway?

Clearly there are errant genes. Clearly something is going on in the alphabet soup of the DNA of these kids that is altering their chromosomal destiny and producing children who cannot interact with other kids, parents, the society at large. And to ignore this strange malady rocketing across the population is to do so at our peril. It is not normal to have a seventy eight percent increase in autism and no... they were not always there waiting to be diagnosed.

I remember there was one kid in my junior high school who clearly was not right. He stood out like a sore thumb and was teased mercilessly. But he was truly a minority. Can we say that now? That there are just a few kids who are autistic or ADD or ADHD...or are we getting to where there are just a few normal kids left who have not fallen into the pharmalogical drugstore of our desperate NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND psychology. Or have we created a society that foments autism as a defence against our own psychotic pressure cooker neurosis?

Makes you wonder.

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