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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Left Gets Wimpy On Rush

Bill Mahr and others have already pulled in their gonads on this one. Rush is just having some fun like we all do. So says the wimpy left. He's just being Rush and is like Ed Shultz on the left calling Laura Ingram a slut or anybody else who lobs missiles rightward. Sandra Fluke is just coming under the drubbing anyone in the public eye gets and that's the way it goes. Whats good for the goose is good for the gander. Crapola enmasse with a cherry and whipped cream for all the wimps.

Cmon. Get a life. Rush is a hate monger that hides under the very garbage you give him cover. Haven't any of you guys ever got into a fight before? The guy who punches hardest and first usually wins and Rush has been punching down anybody who disagrees with his racist bigoted hock for a very long time. Hatemonger hiding under ideology. He doesn't give a damn about you covering for him because  he knows very well what he is saying and doing. If you aint in Rushville you are nowhere and you aint  nobody.

White and Conservative. All others need not apply. He doesn't care about democracy. It is his democracy and he attacks anyone who disagrees and he attacks viciously. Cowering people into submission is not what the use of the airwaves was intended for. It is not OK to have the equivalent of a Nazi on the radio lambasting the President, blacks, Jews, Mexicans, women...just about anyone who doesn't agree with  the almighty Rush. He is a bully. He has always been a bully. He is not a journalist. He is not an entertainer. He is a kamikaze of totalitarian zeal who destroys people who do not agree with him. He is a hatemonger. Let me say it again. He is a hatemonger in a golf shirt with a cigar.

So giving this guy cover while he beats up on a woman is about the lowest order of wimpiness the left has yet to come up with. Its a war guys. That's the how the other side sees it. Wake up.

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