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Monday, March 26, 2012

Hunting Trayvon

Yeah ok it's self defence so the lawyer says. Trayvon turned on Zimmerman and he had to pull out his gun to defend himself. If you ever have gone hunting then you know an animal will turn when trapped. Did Zimmerman trap Trayvon with his relentless pursuit, chasing him on foot, reaching out and grabbing him? And when Trayvon tried to get away, pushing Zimmerman away, did he shoot him? Bam. Just shot him because that's what you do when you have a gun and your quarry doesn't.

And that is at the heart of the matter isn't it? One guy had a gun and one guy had a pack of Skittles. One guy had a car and one guy was on foot. One guy was trying to get away and one guy was pursuing. Sure sounds like hunting to me. When you hunt you track your prey. You follow him or her through the woods and try not to make a sound until you are ready. That was the surveillance part. Where Zimmerman is telling the cops about the young black man in the hood. He describes him and starts to trail him. Now he is in the chase part of the hunt.

You are done tracking and see your quarry. You are now figuring out how to take a shot because there is a chance the animal will get away. So you close the gap. This is the part where Zimmeran ignored the cops who told him not to get out and pursue and he did it anyway. Because now he thinks Trayvon is getting away (see 911 tape"they always get away) and now you are confronting the animal and it sees you. And if the animal is trapped or smells danger and cannot get away... then they turn. They bare their teeth, they may even charge.

And here is where Zimmerman demands to know who Trayvon is. Here is where he pulls his gun as Trayvon struggles to get away from him because we all know he went to apprehend and that's where the struggle took place. And it doesn't matter whether the animal struggles or not because you are armed. Here is the part where you shoot the animal you have been hunting. Here is the part where the hunt ends.

Here is the part where you kill.

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