Sunday, March 4, 2012

Have you left no sense of decency...Rush?

Could Rush Limbaughs  last stand really be here? Might a college student be the Senator who spoke out a hearing on the House of Un American Activities sixty some years ago and took down Joe McCarthy finally ending McCarthyism and the destroying of American lives by a man who spewed paranoia and hate under the guise of rooting out Communists in government after the end of World War II. Could Rush's final moment be the result of calling a girl a slut and a prostitute, finally overstepping the bounds that seem to have no bounds for right wing demigods and radio talk shows hosts who cowered anyone who dared to cross them? We can only hope.

That Rush would bash a young woman for wanting contraception is standard,  that it might topple the Limbaughian Empire is a perfect comeuppance for a man who has made a living out of spreading hate. Everyone knows what Rush Limaugh has been about but the question has always been  what to do with someone who abuses Free Speech and hijacks the airwaves for nefarious purposes. How do you get something as nebulous as a foul stench off the public beltway and back into the sewer it came from. Not so easy in a democracy.

But like most Demigods Rush eventually became his own worst enemy. By testing the limits in a medium that seems to have none he naturally found the ceiling and cemented his level of incompetency by trying to destroy an innocent expressing her right to free speech and free expression. That this was a young woman who had no agenda in the cause, but to have an employer or insurance company pay for contraception, expressing the rights of all woman; was a perfect set up for the McCarthy moment. And Rush being Rush took the bait hook line and sinker.

And now of course he is backpedaling like a dog who sees he is is too far from shore and is not quite sure he can make it back. He has apologized on his website but there is blood in the water and the sharks have come for their due. The whole right wing witch hunt Foxian strategy of destroying opposition with hate, derision, fear, insult, and oblivion is now in open water for all to see. And Rush will find that his vaunted followers and supporters will let a fat man drown lest they take take on too much water themselves.

So maybe this is it for Rush Limbaugh. We can only hope the words that sent the Senator from Wisconsin finally disgraced and back to his home state to die as an alcoholic will ring again in the Limbaugh ear for the young woman he tired to destroy and the hundreds if not thousands of people he has hurt;  if only in the presence of a dead microphone and an empty studio...Have you no sense of decency sir, at long last? Have you left no sense of decency?

Probably not.

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