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Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Gun Owners Hold Us Hostage

Yeah ok. NRA. I get it. They protect the Second Amendment and all that so I can have a bazooka if somebody crosses my yard or if someone comes into the gated community I am in right now in Florida much like the one Trayvon Williams passed through and some vigilante nut ball can trail me and if he decides I look the wrong way can send me to my maker ala Mr. 357. I get it. But here is my question. Why don't we non gun owners have an organization for our rights? After Trayvon Williams man we need one and we need it now.

The NRA is and has been the bully on the block. Everyone is afraid of these people and why? Because they are ARMED! You sure don't hear the President taking them on. Can you blame him? With enough nut jobs with guns to fill a state would you want to tell them you are taking their guns? And how about all our school shootings? We pride ourselves on putting our children first. Yeah. Right. If we did we would start an all out campaign to get the guns. Yeah we would take on the Second Amendment and all the twisted logic that says someone can purchase a Glock or an automatic weapon and go shoot kids.

But no one says a word. No one wants to take on the NRA. So I say lets form the NGOA. Non Gun Owners Association to stick up for us. We need it now. With Stand Your Ground laws in many states we are all just sitting ducks for dudes looking for a little moving target practice. Hunting humans is the greatest high after all...just ask Zimmerman.

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