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Monday, March 5, 2012

America Hates a Bully

Rush is betting those who agree with him will outnumber those who don't. As advertisers flee he is hanging tough and figuring the rich and powerful  never really can be knocked down by a young woman. Safe assumption. Mount Rush is mighty and it would be hard to believe all that hate could disappear from the radio landscape just because he called a woman a slut and a prostitute and wanted to see her having sex online. I mean we live in an age where Rap songs can scorch your ears and if you want filth just punch in sex and surf away. But Americans can't stomach a bully and that might do Rush in.

We also have this thing about picking on women. Maybe it is a bit retrograde but manners still matter and men still hold the door open for women and pull out chairs and let them walk in front of them. Americans are funny that way. We can be incredibly crass if not rude, but we value chivalry between the sexes and Rush violated just about every rule there is. More than that he beat up on a woman expressing her views and if Rush was in a neighborhood and did that he would be shunned.

But Rush lives in his own neighborhood and sets the rules and like most people who become ridiculously rich and powerful they don't believe the rules pertain to them. Not true Rushy my boy. Americans will listen to your rants as long as you stay in your box. They like your tirades because they appeal to the strange dark thoughts we all have. But they really don't want you in their homes. They don't want someone like you dating their daughters.

Simply put in the old Virginia patois of my birth. You sir, are a cur.

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