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Monday, February 27, 2012

Why Watching the Oscars Is Hard

Watching the Oscars is hard. Take Chris Rock. He had to let everyone know that he got a million bucks for just doing his lines in an animated movie. Must be rough. At a time when most writers are eating beans or not eating at all the Oscars is a night of those at the very tippy top of the very tippy top. They are people who through luck, talent, ingenuity, the fates, have hit the mother lode and we can all watch them accept these awards thanking everyone from God to mom.

And you have to wonder if there is a chance to hit that mountain through hard work. Maybe so. Maybe hard work and talent could put you there. Maybe it is something else, something people don't like to think about and that is the odds. Lets take a hundred thousand writers. Fifty thousand of them are good. Twenty five thousand are very good. Five thousand are extraordinary. One thousand are genius level. One hundred of those one thousand produce screenplays or novels.  Ten of those left over get a movie made. One gets to the Oscars.

Now take that pool and double it. Now you are talking about a group of people who are good  but there are only so many slots. So now you roll the dice. Luck. You need luck. Maybe luck is not yours to be had no matter how many times you try. It is just not your lot. The cards didn't fall your way and that's even worse than not having the talent to be up there.

So you watch the Oscars. You watch the people who have passed. You are on a clock that will only run so long. You watch those people thank everyone they know. Hell yes. Wouldn't you?

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